How to use the Mitigations dashboard?

The mitigations tab gives you a powerful data driven way to assess the best mitigations to make on your plan. This guide gives you an overview of how to make best use of this tool.

This video guide explains in detail:


Steps to navigate:

  1. Explore the full list of impacted tasks, identify which have weather risk directly associated with them and which are pushing risk down the chain
  2. Make changes to the thresholds on the right hand side, a pre-and-post mitigation threshold (e.g. after building a tent to protect from rainfall)
  3. Click the simulate button at the bottom of the page, depending on the number of mitigations made and the general size/complexity of your plan, this will take a few seconds to a full minutes to complete
  4. Intepret the results on the tope bar, key to identify is if there are less (-number in green) or more (number in red) days added to the end date. Also key to see is if there has been an increase of decrease in float by seeing the #of weather activities days row

Coming soon:

  • The ability to edit start and end dates to mitigate by moving tasks around
  • A tornado chart view, to see which item is driving the largest amount of risk on to the critical path


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