Weather impact assessment solutions for the global construction industry

EHAB helps the construction industry measure, minimise and mitigate weather risk across every project. No matter the size or complexity.
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Solving the Multi Million Pound Problem

Solving the Multi-Million Pound Problem

The EHAB founders have been conducting technical research on construction for a number of years with the help of various grants. Using an Innovate UK grant, the team has focused on weather-related risks in the sector.

Weather patterns are becoming increasingly disruptive due to the Climate Crisis, making this solution crucial to maintaining the viability of construction operations all over the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision

The construction industry has a big role to play in helping transition our world to a net zero economy. This is a huge opportunity, but if the industry can’t digitise then this transition could happen too slowly. We want to build fantastic products which digitise the industry and help it rise to the great challenges of this century

Meet our team

Josh Graham

Josh Graham


For the last 5 years Josh has been running various charities and start ups with a focus on sales, product and fundraising. He is incredibly passionate about positive global change and believes innovation in construction can be a catalyst for improvement across the world.

Filipe Moura

Filipe Moura


Filipe has been developing software for almost 2 decades and has a passion for design. He’s worked across the world in finance, the charity sector and telecoms. With a background in applied maths Filipe enjoys getting stuck into complex data problems.

Dean High Tech Lead

Dean High

Tech Lead
Jedd Fenner Front end Lead

Jedd Fenner

Front-end Lead
Paulo Hubert

Paulo Hubert

AI/ML & Statistics
Kieran Sanderson Full stack Developer

Kieran Sanderson

Full-stack Developer
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Pamela Rossi

Front-end Developer
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Alexandra Gautier

Founder's Associate

Our core values

Impact focused
The climate crisis is a huge problem we all need to tackle

Fantastic work life balance
Flexible working hours and a 4 day work week

Communicative & cherishing feedback Every piece of feedback is heard and we do our best to make rapid change based on this

Striving to be best in class in what we do

The Weather Ledger Project

The Weather Ledger Project

The Weather Ledger project was born out of a desire to launch and prove real-world use cases of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Something that holds much promise for construction and many industries, but has yet to have its big break. In 2018, after the publishing of their State of the Market on blockchain report, the Digital Catapult ran a series of field labs. These were collaborative sessions that brought together startups and industry leaders from construction. The aim was simple, discuss and bring to the surface all the problems that the industry faced, which blockchain technology could be applied to solve. The Weather Ledger Project led to the creation of the EHAB Weather Risk Management platform.

Transforming Construction Challenge

Transforming Construction Challenge

The Transforming Construction Challenge was fundamental to the Weather Ledger project. This is a challenge that the government has put real money behind, with £170 million of government investment being matched by £250 million from industry. The scope of our grant sought to enhance the way that contracts deal with weather risk in the industry. Multiple outcomes were hoped for here:

  1. To create a commercially viable business (EHAB) 
  2. To prove that smart contracts could be used in the construction industry 
  3. To lay the groundwork for further innovations for using smart contracts The grant brought together a diverse set of partners to work on this problem in a very lean and iterative way. This meant that above and beyond the scope of the grant, other solutions were able to be brought into the platform.

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