Tired of paper based contracts? Leverage Smart Contracts in your next project.

The EHAB smart contract solution automates claims, reduces admin and prevents disputes. Leverage data & science to get climate resilient. 

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An Industry First
for Construction

As part of the wider Weather Ledger project, we have worked with leading players across the industry to establish and prove the viability and benefits of Smart Contracts for the Construction industry.

Automating the weather clause based on real-time data is a critical step towards a more resilient industry.

Create better working relationships through automated contracts

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The first smart contract use case in construction.

Why clients love EHAB

Automate your Contract Management

Get greater visibility over your contract’s weather clause. This improves how you and your clients share risk, builds a more lasting relationship and improves project profitability. No more worrying about weather-related claims.

Automated operation of the weather clause icon

Automated operation of the weather clause

Reduce admin and receive decisions in minutes rather than weeks. Gain absolute certainty over if a claim will occur or not, creating a smoother relationship between contractor and client.

Data is shared with all parties icon

Data is shared with all parties

All parties are provided with data to improve compensation event discussions, reducing the likelihood of disputes.

option to automate payments icon

Option to automate payments

Automated payments streamline the payout process, eliminating disputes and limiting both sides’ liability. When the worst weather strikes, get back on track as quickly as possible. No matter the weather, you can have certainty over costs and impacts.

Receive timely warning icon

Receive timely warnings when you are set to reach or breach your trigger points

You will receive timely warnings when you are approaching or likely to exceed your trigger points. Contract management will be streamlined, resulting in saved time and better risk discussions between contractors and clients.


To help you get started, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, check out our knowledge base or contact the team.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a computer program that automatically enforces all or part of a contract, and it is stored on a blockchain or distributed ledger.

How do smart contracts work?

Parties can either use a traditional contract or a contract that is coded into a computer program, which is stored on a blockchain and executes certain provisions, such as transferring funds from Party A to Party B. The code itself is copied and distributed across multiple nodes of a blockchain. Which provides security, immutability and permanence. As each new block is added to a blockchain, the code executes as a result. If the parties have indicated, by initiating a transaction, that certain variables have been met, the code will take the step prompted by those parameters. If no transaction is triggered, the code will not move.

Why does construction need smart contracts?

Smart contracts can help Construction organisations save money on weather risk by reducing administrative costs and eliminating delays that can last for weeks, resulting in significant uncertainty. Smart contracts help eliminate weather risk uncertainty by instantly making decisions and sharing all data. They are also a great way to build good working relationships by clearly defining risk ownership from the outset of the project and removing previously time-consuming and difficult risk discussions with clients, once the project is impacted.

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