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re-inventing construction 
for a sustainable future

Ehab is a data & process management platform which uses DLT to create efficiency across the entire lifecycle of a construction project

The first module we have built is for suppliers and contractors, to track physical assets, provide transparency and get everyone paid on time.
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Supply Chain Transparency


Track your supplies

Track where your delivery is and confirm the provenance of the delivered materials


Notify everyone

Make sure everyone who needs to know knows where things are and when anything changes


Automate accounts

The system automatically sends invoices and receipts as soon as actions are fulfilled. Helping everyone get paid on time

A Modular Platform


Fluid data

Data from across the built assets lifecycle is accessible to users with the right permissions



Automate back office, regulatory and management processes to optimise schedules and reduce costs


Deep analytics

Identify problems before they arise and find deeper meaning in platform wide data

Right now we’re building an exclusive group of the 15 most innovative construction companies in the country to get early access to our tools and help us shape the direction of the platform. Please get in touch below. 

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Ehabitation Ltd is registered in England & Wales. Company Number: 09784540.  

Registered office: Sutton Yard, Geovation, 65 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7EN.