The first weather risk management platform for construction.

Helping construction innovators win more bids, plan more effectively and better manage extreme weather events.

EHAB weather risk management platform

45% of all construction projects are delayed by weather and this is only set to increase with the accelerating Climate Crisis.

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Weather is the 3rd biggest cause of missed milestones.

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When weather strikes it increases programme length by as much as 21%.

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More rain falling on rainy days in the UK.

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Increase in flood risk across the UK since 1990.

Weather risk assessment and management has always been a problem on construction sites. It doesn’t have to be.

EHAB empowers planning teams with hyper-local climate adjusted datasets, machine learning and industry specific planning features.
You’ll gain value from the simplest maintenance job to be most complex infrastructure project.

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EHAB: The Weather Risk Management Platform

Want to stand out from your competition and be one of the first to drive innovation across the construction industry?

EHAB’s cutting-edge technology platform includes unique industry specifc datasets, industry-first smart contracts and parametric weather risk insurance to solve the problem of weather risk. The EHAB platform works effortlessly with your existing tools to give you one of the best weather risk management processes out there.


With EHAB’s intelligent planning software you can create accurate bids in less than 30 minutes. Improve utilisation and avoid down days for the most complex infrastructure projects to the simplest maintenance jobs.

Smart Contracts

An industry first, smart contracts help automate admin and share risk through more effective agreements.

Weather Risk Insurance

Weather-related losses can be recovered from in a matter of hours rather than months or years, thanks to instant payouts. Protect your company’s balance sheet by ensuring you don’t suffer from extreme weather.

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