How to run bids using the TRA & QSRA dashboard?

The bid stage of a project is a critical moment when it comes to risk assessment. You have a short amount of time to submit and the information you provide here in some ways sets you up for the remainder of the project. Therefore, a tool like the TRA & QSRA dashboard is well suited to this stage of the project. It greatly enhances your contingency assessments, quickly.


This video helps to explain how to get value from the dashboard:


The TRA report can be used on projects that fall into a lower risk category, as it is a more basic assessment. The QSRA functionality should be used when there is an advanced risk assessment being conducted. EHAB currently integrates into Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis, Safran Risk and Acumen Risk.


Click here to get your report:

TRA report


Use this drop down to select which risk calendar you want:

Quantative Schedule Risk Analysis Quantative Schedule Risk Analysis