How to use the Forecast Dashboard?

The forecast dashboard is incredibly useful for planners, site managers, work pack managers, foreman, engineers and anyone else who needs an accurate view of the weather and its impacts for the coming days and weeks.

This video guide aims to summarise the steps you can take to easily get value from the tool:


Steps to navigate:

  1. Select your plan (if you have the pro version)
  2. Select the activity you want to see an impact forecast for
  3. Either from the drop down or the impact list at the bottom
  4. Select the day which is important to you
  5. Click on the day in the 15 day forecast view or use the buttons to the left and right of the summary of the daily data


Main features:

  • 15 days of hourly forecast data
  • Wind, rain and temperature (others coming soon!)
  • Highlight weather windows for key activities
  • Printable view for sharing with colleagues (by email or printed)
  • Adaptable thresholds to your needs


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