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Enhance your existing process and workflow, resulting in better decision-making, improved collaboration and ultimately, better outcomes.

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Enhance short and long term decisions with our intelligent planning software.

Our intelligent planning software is here to save you time and money on every bid. The Enhanced Planner lets you forecast impact years in advance or for your 4-week look ahead.

Best of all, it’s available from the most complex infrastructure projects to the simplest maintenance jobs, and provides value at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Achieve fast results with the EHAB platform

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In the best cases, project length can be reduced by as much as 16%.

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Thousands can be saved in avoided equipment cancellation fees.

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Construct accurate, winning bids and project updates in less than 30 minutes.

Why clients love EHAB

One consistent planning process

The Enhanced Planner is a new way to plan smarter and more efficiently. Using very granular datasets, machine learning-driven mathematical models and customer data, EHAB provides an interface that fits into your existing workflow. This tool is customised for your needs, providing you with the power of four tools in one to create an industry-leading planning process.

Hyper-local climate data for accurate construction planning

With EHAB’s granular dataset, you can gain insights on every 4×4 km grid on planet earth. Accurate planning anywhere you work.

Integrates with your existing tools and workflow (P6, PRA and other QSRA software)

EHAB improves your existing process rather than replacing it, providing a low learning curve and helping you get results quickly. It is accessible, allowing more planners to benefit and benefiting the wider planning and commercial teams.

Relevant warnings for proactive weather risk planning

Thousands can be saved in avoided equipment cancellation fees. The Enhanced Planner has the tools for you to see what’s best for your business and know when to take action.

Modelling based on your plan

Our outputs are directly relevant to your plan, as precise as they can be, helping you make critical decisions quickly. Give your clients accurate data and evidence to verify weather-related time risk allowance inclusion and to identify risk far in advance.

Quick summary reports

Immediately gain high-level insights to attach to bids or share with your team. We augment your risk process to help your project stay on track.

2-week forecast data tied into your plan

Receive notifications based on how you will be impacted rather than a generic forecast. We supply estimates as to how this will affect your plan, providing greater visibility of potential risk or opportunity and helping you improve utilisation and profits.

Real-time and historical weather data

Increase the likelihood of recovering lost time or money from an insurance claim, increase productivity and collect useful data to improve production rates in the long term.

Weather window planning

Having clarity over key work windows is very valuable. You avoid cancellation fees by sequencing tasks better, resulting in more profit, less loss and a better reputation.

Easily check how changing plans will be affected by weather

Receive early warnings on risk or opportunities every time you make a change to your plan. Each updated weather risk profile can help key decisions on when work should be scheduled and the methods used. Be effective at project and cost management even as your programme changes.

Reports for download and sharing

Improve outcomes by improving communication among the wider project team, saving time in the process.


To help you get started, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, check out our knowledge base or contact the team.

How do you manage Climate risk in Construction?

Prior to beginning the project, identify risks and vulnerabilities and define a plan to address those risks and vulnerabilities. Use a framework to create a thorough planning and implementation process that helps you stay on top of your project plan and report your findings so future projects can benefit from the data and insights.

Why is weather risk management important?

Climate risk assessment and management determine how much harm climate change and its consequences might inflict on a country, region, sector, or community. Climate risk management in Construction is particularly significant for project management, especially during the early phases of a project where planners have a big influence over future outcomes.

How can I forecast weather impact on my plan?

Predicting the weather more than 2 weeks in advance is a very tricky proposition. Predicting the impact on activities is a different challenge. With industry insight, it is possible to understand what kinds of weather will impact an activity. Modelling if that threshold has broken is now possible through advanced statistical analysis.

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