Adding your plan

Once you have reviewed your risk thresholds (find out how to do this here) adding your plan is the next step. By uploading your plan we can tailor the risk model to your specific set of activities and provide you with lots of insights into how weather could impact your plan and delay your project.

We currently consume:

  • P6 Xer & XML files
  • Microsoft Project MPP files
  • Asta Power Project files

Here’s a video guide to show you how:


Things to remember:

  • If you use activity codes you can enter these into the EHAB platform and we will match automatically. Follow this tutorial to find out how
  • If an activity is “Uncategorised” this is the same as “No weather impact”
  • You can always come back to this step later by going to the “Plan” Dashboard, and selecting the “Categorise Tasks” Button on the right of the screen
  • Once you have completed this matching process once, each updated plan you upload will retain the matches and so you won’t spend as much time with each re-analysis


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