Webinar:Navigating the Storm: Understanding the Growing Importance of Weather & Climate Risk in Construction

How will climate change impact construction? What solutions are available?

How will climate change affect construction?

Watch EHAB's webinar alongside their partner Deltek and a special construction planning expert.

Have you ever wondered how climate might impact construction? Do you perceive climate to be a problem for the long term or for today? This webinar explores some of the incredible insights from the EHAB State of Climate Resilience Whitepaper. 

1 hour watch time.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

• 3 years vs 15 years: On what time frame do experts in construction believe climate will be a problem?

Rain was the most cited problem from a weather risk perspective, but the next most cited surprised those on the webinar. 

How can the new EHAB integration with Acumen Risk from Deltek help resolve some of these challenges?

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