eBook:Weather Risk Management: A Guide to Becoming a Climate-resilient Contractor

This FREE guide is the ideal resource for construction operators, planners and managers to help protect your projects from weather risk.

Solving the Multi Million Pound Problem

Download EHAB's Guide to Becoming a Climate-resilient Contractor for step-by-step support to better manage and reduce the risk of weather in construction.

At EHAB, we support construction organisations to improve project plans, manage risk and reduce losses caused by weather delays. We created this guide to provide advice for construction planners and managers to become more resilient to climate-based risks.

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In this guide, you'll discover:

How to identify and manage risks effectively with a proven weather risk management strategy.

What are the greatest risks posed by a rapidly changing climate and how will this impact construction projects?

• How to conduct an accurate weather risk assessment early on in your construction project and put in place mitigation strategies.

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