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To make the built environment sustainable, liveable, affordable and smart, so that it supports happy healthy humans who can fourish in a radically
changing world.

The current system for construction is broken

Processes are inefficient, companies are siloed, incentives are misaligned and methods are outdated. 
This has resulted in the following grand challenges. 


1 in 4 

1 in 4 people live in unsuitable or unaffordable housing, 1 in 8 live in slums. The issues of inadequate housing affect billions of people worldwide...



Cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, and create life threatening levels of air pollution. How we build our cities going forward will affect all of our futures...


1 billion

We need to build 1 billion new homes by 2025 to meet the rising demand for city living. The current system simply cannot meet this demand. We need a new way forward...

The good new is...
All the solutions are already here

Large capital is now seeking out impactful projects (affordable, sustainable, social), modern methods of construction offer lower risk, more scalable, more sustainable building options and the industry is starting to change. 

The ehab platform is a data tool. It records data and gives appropriate access to the data to the stakeholder who needs it in order to move forward. Built on top of this platform are modules which provide additional functionality to the varierty of stakeholders who are operating on a project. These modules can be built across the entire lifecycle of a project and will eventually encompass the asset from cradle to cradle. 



One of many modules; this allows companies to procure services and supplies. The module enables rapid due diligence, contract negotiation and order placement. 



One of many modules; this tracks the progress of tasks and deliveries. Real time confirmation of progress against the schedule then triggers automated payments and reduces the accounts workload.



One of many modules; this measures on site energy production and usage to enable peer-to-peer energy trading. Buildings in close proximity with on site solar can buy and sell surplus at better rates than the grid. 

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