Subprocessors List



EHAB is a data processor and engages certain onward subprocessors that may process customer or personal data submitted to our services. These subprocessors are listed below, with a description of the service. This list may be updated by us from time to time.

Subprocessor List

Core EHAB Applications

Subprocessor Service Provided Processing Region Data Scope
Google Cloud Core application processing and storage services.

Includes Google services;

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Firebase
UK All Customer data controlled and processed by EHAB

Support, Analytics or Ancillary Services

We use the services of the following third-parties to provide specific functions or features within our Service. Generally in accordance with the information below, these providers may have access to relevant personal information (both in an identifiable and anonymous manner) in order to provide their relevant functions.

Subprocessor Service Provided Processing Region Data Scope

Customer CRM US UserID, Name, Email and Email tracking Activity
Twilio Sendgrid

Email and messaging service US UserID, Name, Email and user project’s data

Stored for only 30 days

Error tracking US UserID, user activity, code and project data related to user actions
Google Analytics
Platform analytics EU UserID, Browsing Activity