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1 in 4 

1 in 4 people live in unsuitable or unaffordable housing, 1 in 8 live in slums. The issues of inadequate housing affect billions of people worldwide...



Cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, and have life threatening levels of air pollution. How we build our cities going forward will affect all of our futures...


1 billion

We need to build 1 billion new homes by 2025 to meet the rising demand for city living. The current system simply cannot meet this demand. We need a new way forward...

So why isnt this getting fixed?


Problem 1

The construction industry....

85% of developers have experienced costly delays in a project. The larger the project the more likely a delay + greater cost.
A developer will expect 30% of their projects to have issues before they even get started.

Research by Cornerstone in the UK found that the consensus on the cause of these issues were:

Poor planning / unrealistic scheduling
Lack of or delay in information about the project 


Problem 2

The innovative guys who could solve it....

Innovative & sustainable developers have far superior products but have no route to market, limited exposure and limited access to capital.
This lack of ability to scale keeps their product expensive and out of the mainstream. 

These companies could outperform traditional build methods on cost, quality, environmental metrics, predictability and time on siteā€¦ but there simply is no way for them to access a long term pipeline and scale their businesses.


Problem 3

People being ignored from the cycle creates alienating urban environments. 

Our cities are growing at unprecedented rates. By 2030 66% of the world will live in cities. We need to build 1 billion homes by 2025 to meet increasing demand!
There is a growing realisation among planners & politicians that citizens need to take an active role in how our cities are built and evolve.  

There is no tool to effectively engage people, have their voice heard and incorporate this into the development cycle.

We want to live in a world which is equitable, shaped by it's citizens & empowers people to flourish