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Crowdcube Raise

The Seed Round

Using the crowdcube platform we are seeking investment to scale up what we have already achieved and release a revenue generating platform. Visit the crowdcube platform to invest in the future of housing for as little as £10.


These are some of the regular questions we get about our crowdfunding campaign. If you can't find an answer here then please email [email protected] and we will do our best to answer and get back to you. 

Visit the crowdcube platform at
Make an account
Then visit
Invest a minimum of £10 in our campaign  

Make an account
Browse our projects and partners 

The money will be used to hire additional team members and accelerate the development of the platform. We will have a small marketing budget for our new marketing manager to use to drive traffic to the platform and our first projects. We will have a legal budget so we can arrange the appropriate financial regulations. 

We now have a working minimum viable product with 26,325 potential homes in the system, representing up to £231 million in potential revenue. As a business our main value is gleaned from out network and we now have a very well developed network which, by extension, gives us access to to 1700 towns, villages and cities across the globe.

When purchasing shares via the crowdcube platform you are purchasing A or B ordinary shares. These shares can be sold at an exit event once the preferred shares have been purchased.

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