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The ehab platform will be made of 5 core modules. Together these allow a project to go from idea stage to completion in a frictionless digital way. 

    When homebuyers, landowners and developers join ehab, they meet each other through the Discovery Portal. By matching collaborators according to their needs, we find the missing pieces of the puzzle to break ground on new projects. Meta data, collected through this module, is fed into an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to match stakeholders based on their needs. 
    This is where projects really get under way, sparks fly and new ideas are shared and formed. Homebuyers get to communicate more detailed design information about their homes, while developers can upload plans and initial sketches to gather feedback. Using our 3D design tool and voting rounds the group collaboratively come to a shared vision of design that meets the community’s needs. All these designs are built into smart contracts which will govern the automatic payments for the different stages of the project. It is also at this stage that partners are formally brought into the JV structure to deliver the designs.  
    Projects that have achieved consensus in the Design Room graduate to listing on the Funding Marketplace. The now signed and agreed upon smart contracts generate new, unique, ehab property tokens (EHPs) that are tied to the project and can be bought by investors. The landowner, developer and any other vital stakeholders will also receive their EHP at this stage. Our network of institutional investors can fund the whole project themselves or multiple funders can join the joint venture. Homebuyers pay a reservation fee, or a larger deposit to secure a better deal. They can also opt for a shared ownership scheme, which allows those who could not otherwise afford to own property to do so. All agreements are documented and secured by ehab’s smart contracts and stored on the blockchain. 

    We uniquely track contractor reputation on the blockchain, so as time goes on the due diligence process is expedited. We transparently create risk indicators that enable investors to see how contractors have performed on previous projects, allowing them to make balanced portfolio investment decisions. 
    Once funded, contractors will collaborate with service providers to bring the project to life. So that project backers and homebuyers can keep tabs on progress, developers will use the Construction Tracker to share updates with the project ecosystem, this also communicates progress with the payment infrastructure. Smart contracts govern the transactions and payments throughout the construction and incentivize timely construction, triggering payments to release against project milestones. Through this tool many other project processes can be automated to deliver an even more seamless project experience.  
    Once our investor partners have purchased tokens and made investments, we give them all the support they need to maximize returns. Through the ehab Wallet, users get intelligent portfolio management tools, allowing them to quickly check in on payback rates and returns to their property tokens (EHP). 

    A core benefit of our blockchain-powered platform, is that we offer liquidity to our investors. They can use the wallet to cash out to an investor with longer term holding goals or trade the digital shares between projects, creating powerful diversification options, allowing users to spread their tokens across multiple project developments.  

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