Suport for EHAB from PMOs

“EHAB is an absolute must use tool for infrastructure projects today.” 

Ian Thrupp

Ian Thrupp, PMO at Smart Motorways Alliance

EHAB serves as a strategic weather risk management tool for prominent companies like Fluor, WSP, Jacobs Engineering, Morgan Sindall, BAM, Costain, and Balfour Beatty as part of the SMP Alliance. These firms utilised EHAB to integrate data and science into their weather risk assessments for a massive road upgrade project spanning over 1000km.

In EHAB’s initial trial, Ian Thrupp employed the tool to strategically evaluate the feasibility of expediting certain tasks before the onset of winter. By inputting a select set of key activities into the EHAB system, the team quickly gauged the likelihood of completing the tasks before winter, a season when such tasks would be impractical.

This assessment, which took mere hours, revealed a low probability of successfully accelerating the tasks due to the impending autumn and the tasks’ vulnerability to weather conditions. Consequently, the team decided against rushing the project, lacking confidence in the potential benefits of such acceleration.

Clearly, EHAB stands out as a strategic weather risk management tool, invaluable to both clients and contractors. It aids in evaluating hypothetical scenarios and determining the potential success of a given plan.

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