Bidding for the bridge: How BAM Nuttall assessed risk on Tay Link Road

“Using EHAB at tender stage provided confidence in our schedule time risk allowance calculation by integrating weather modelling with our standard QSRA process.”

EHAB supported a winning bid
The process was quick and easy
The team will continue using the tool for the rest of the project lifecycle
Chris McGinness

Chris McGinness,
Regional Planning Manager – BAM Nuttall

The challenge

The Cross Tay Link Road is part of a wider transport strategy by Perth & Kinross Council; ultimately the aim is to take traffic out of the city. It is one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken by the council. The link road will essentially act as a northern bypass, and will mainly pass through greenfield sites.

Given the nature of the project, it was critical that BAM could provide a robust price and programme with data to back this up. Using EHAB gave confidence to multiple levels of the business, as well as to external stakeholders that they got it correct.

Getting the price right is the best value for money for the project. Overpricing may benefit the contractor, but not the client. Under-pricing could leave the project exposed and if a delay does occur it will push costs up and timelines out anyway leaving reputational damage for both parties.

How EHAB helped

EHAB’s Weather Model was used during the tender stage, enabling the planning team to validate costs and gain confidence when submitting the tender.

Perth & Kinross Council has a Climate Change Strategy and Action plan, which includes a focus on Building a more resilient Perth and Kinross. EHAB helps them achieve this target.

The data shown in the system was then used to validate the time risk allowance they included in their bid, providing long-term certainty on the schedule.

The tool was part of their successful bid and they will use it throughout the 3 years of scheduled build time.


  • The tool gave contractor and client confidence in the bid
  • The site team were able to get the most accurate time risk allowance possible
  • They have and will continue to achieve a more accurate look ahead programme

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